Kuching Trip: Sarawak River Cruise

17:30 01/02/2015 Dark cloud looms the sky threatening our sole activity for this trip. Upon arrival a prelude of thunder greeted us screaming “Monsoon season baby”.  It justifies the moniker of Kuching as the wettest city in Malaysia. This means no dramatic sunset over Kuching river. Sad but not disheartened. Despite the impending rainstorm our giddiness was still intact. We’d camp nearby on the cruise platform not to missed the call for boarding the river cruise.

We obtain the Sarawak River Cruise ticket through Tune Hotel (promo is only valid for hotel guest) for half the price. No second thoughts we booked it straight away. Cool right? It was a good deal knowing the regular rate was 60RM for an 1.5 hours exploring the Kuching river.

They provide us a brochure to know the itinerary of this cruise with navigational map. There are 28 interesting spots will be covered on this river cruise. 

Looking at the highlights most of the interesting places we want to visit in Kuching are included. This cruise is indeed a real money saver. 

Everyone were ushered to  get inside swiftly as drizzle had started. Long tables with cushioned chairs are neatly arranged inside with  promise of comfort and elegance. The lower deck was too classy for us and preferred something outdoor so we climbed up to upper deck.

The view is exhilarating up above with an astonishing 360 perspective of Kuching. Not too long, all seats were occupied and incoming guests had left no choice but to settled below. We find our spot next to the snack bar on a covered roof.

A complimentary snack  called Kek Lapis Sarawak (  Sarawak Layered Cake) and orange juice was served on our table. The cake is tastefully interlaced which gives that unique flavor. 

After all the guest settled, the boat slowly steer away from the platform and navigating up river. A voice of a lady filled our ears with information, historical facts and  guided us all through out the course.

Up River

The Astana is the official residence of the Governor of Sarawak. It was built during the reign of second White Rajah Charles Brooke in 1870 as a gift to his wife Margaret Alice Lili de Windt. This building is not open to the public as the guide said.

Next is the Kuching City Mosque, notable due to it’s pink coat and golden cupolas. One of the striking landmarks of Kuching. 

Down River

The “payung” umbrella shaped structure is the Sarawak State Legislative building.  This iconic landmark is the house of assemblymen from all over Sarawak. 

Another landmark hidden from the thick forest is Fort Margherita. An English inspired castle like fortress built during Brooke’s reign. Again for love, he named the fort from his wife.

Riverbank Suites

Waterfront is the frequently visited area of tourist and locals. A lot of restaurants that serves Sarawakian food. There are also makeshift shops appeared during after noon till early evening. 

Kampung Boyan is a traditional Malay village next to Fort Margherita. Our guide suggested to visit these area by water taxi to experience authentic Malay snacks and dishes.

Along the bank of Sarawak river, dozen of fisherman’s vessel were docked. Some looks rustic and decrepit but our guide insist those are functional and still used for fishing. 

Our trip was cut short as we didn’t cross below Tun Salahuddin bridge due to high tide. The boat had cruised slowly and told us to be seated to watch the dance performance on the boat.

Four different dancers graced with their unique moves accompanied by exclusive native instruments. Each dancer represents a specific tribe in Sarawak which comprise of more than 40 sub ethnic groups. We can’t help but admire how Sarawakian people preserve their distinct culture despite the change of time. 

We didn’t missed the opportunity for a photo op with these lovely Sarawakian indigenous performers. They’re so warm and friendly.

Just like everybody else we strike for an obligatory honeymooners pose on this love boat of Sarawak River Cruise.

The one hour and half cruise of Kuching River was worth it and had learned a lot of it’s rich history and story of it’s famous landmarks. 

For inquiries you may contact them through their FB Page Sarawak River Cruise 

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  1. Hainrihi Rhine says: Reply

    Wow this is a great adventure. 😀 I want to try this 😀

  2. We've been to Malaysia a couple of weeks ago lang. Sa Kuala Lumpur lang, .. Perhaps next biyahe ko, I'll go visit this place, looks so okay ata ang mga adventure dyan.

  3. It really does save up a lot of time, since you get to see a number of places while cruising. I love the pictures, the buildings look so great. It really does save up a lot of time, since you get to see a number of places while cruising. I love the pictures, the buildings look so great.

  4. Thanks Karla, time and money saver it is.

  5. Opo papaleng, masyado po laid back dito, sure ako magugustuhan niyo rin dito.

  6. Marjorie Gavan says: Reply

    To be honest, I really don't know much about Malaysia, but I am going there next year though I'm not sure if Kuching is part of our itinerary. I don't have a boyfriend so I'm not sure if it's wise to take the cruise but I love the sceneries, infrastructures you saw along the way, especially Payung.

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