Koh Lipe Trip: Island Tour B

Island Tour A wasn’t  enough for saline deprived beach bum like us. So a follow up of Island Tour B  is seconded. We drag ourselves back to Pattaya beach like yesterday, waiting for fun deployment. The hordes of serotonin-induced human are moving towards the shore like being hypnotized. It is a gleeful sight when you see everyone wearing happy faces and giddy. The high heavens are also in sync by displaying an arch of colors in the sky. Of all the place, a rainbow in a sunny morning at a tropical island. What can we ask for?


Twenty minutes had passed by, standing still and no tour guides. But we aren’t complaining, we consume our precious time mastering the art of selfie, and winning new friends. We snap photos like there was no tomorrow and even join the group pic session of Uni buddies from Malaysia. The waiting game was over. Our tour guide appeared on time and group as together according to beauty ( joke).

Again they brief us about the island hopping activity, what to do and places to visit.  It didn’t take a while then all of us embark to the long tail boat and say a temporary goodbye to Koh Lipe. Off for another Island Tour baby!


Koh Hin Sorn


Looking from afar, it’s like two giant marshmallows stack on top of the other.  We blink a couple of times, trying to identify what was that strange object. As we get closer to Koh Hin Sorn, it unfolded a strange beauty of  a sheer size of a rock formation. Who on earth lifted this boulder on top of the other? A common question for a first time viewer.  We encircle the small island and trying to get closer  but the waves are unforgivable.


Koh Lugoi

We  had a quick stop near to Koh Lugoi for  snorkeling.  The water is deep blue and waves are kinda unfriendly but the view from below is astonishingly beautiful.  We can’t refuse this  invite, so we jump in like the rest. Now, we  are more confident since choose better swimming fins and goggles and life vest than yesterday. Swim, swim and swim!


Koh Dong



The most awaited part of this tour is visiting Koh Dong or known as Monkey island.  This beautiful place embodies the word tropical island paradise. Why? Just look at the photos above. It is charming, idyllic, pristine, and secluded.  It is what Maya Bay had lost.




We can’t be much happier for spending most of our time in this paradise. Usually, the picnic lunch for program tour B is held on this island. The served food was nothing to shout about but not that bad either for a foodie like us.  There is an ideal picnic spot near to the stream with some boulders. But one must be careful as monkeys will appear out of the blue.

The water is so inviting at Monkey Island. It wasn’t short of turquoise blue clear water and fine white sand and add the lovely long tail boat. It’s a picturesque view you can imagine of Thailand.


Koh Hin Ngam



The second last itinerary of this trip is Koh Hin Ngam.  An island with mysterious black shiny rocks. We already visited from the previous tour so we just stay near the shore and enjoyed the cool water and stone scrubbing. While the rest of the folks beating who can stack stones fast.

The last itinerary is snorkeling again at Jabang but we dismissed the idea since the waves are rough.  We ended our second island tour with sunburns, great memories, and new found friends.








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