10 Photos to prove, Karma is a beach

Koh Lipe conceals a getaway beach that seems everyone is searching upon. It is facing Koh Adang and situated at the northeastern part of the island. Going here requires some amount of energy, ascending to the hill and descending via Mountain resort before you’ll earn Karma. The boomerang shape sandbar, waving palm trees, white sand and aquamarine seawater  are known labels of this shore. Now, it actually earns a moniker as “Maldives of Thailand”. But honestly, it’s incomparable. It has a unique charm and identity. Want a proof? Let me share the ten photos to prove this Karma is a beach.

Say Hello to Koh Adang, the opposite hill
Rocks and shallow water
Long tail boat
Getting along with nature
top view of boomerang sandbar
Hugging is fun here
Life by a beach
This is your KARMA
that sandbar
We just claimed Karma, now who wants to swim?
Beach Bum,
Sky and Summer
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