Shibuya in 60 seconds

Shibuya is considered as a special ward in Tokyo. I usually go here every day by default ( where my office is located). This part of Tokyo is usually packed with tourists be it foreign or locals. A sweet spot for street artists, buskers, magicians and what’s not. At the heart of Shibuya, close to Shibuya station, a statue is built to honor the loyal dog  named Hachiko. Just across to it, is the craziest and  world renown Shibuya crossing.  Another interesting place is Takeshita street at Harajuku, part of Shibuya. It is a haven for Japanese teenagers where they shop at trendy boutiques that cater to kawaii and famous “Harajuku” subculture. I created a short video covering Shibuya in 60 seconds. Enjoy!



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