Saigon Trip: Notre Dame Cathedral Basilica

16:05 02/11/2013 We still carried that heavy baggage of emotion while leaving the War Remnants Museum. Our new found local friends picked that up and abruptly changed that doleful moment with their upbeat demeanor. They knew how to smothered that melancholy we felt. After everyone was settled we follow their lead and hitched on their […]

Penang Trip: Historical Jaunt

08:26 07/07/2013 The room was still pitch black when our subscription to dreamland was interrupted. It’s too early, but a continuous ascending beep coming from our phone’s alarm stirred our consciousness. It was even less audible from a snore and somniloquy of someone in the dorm room. The snooze mode successfully break to end our slumber. […]

Melaka Trip 2.0 : Melaka River Cruise

19:55 26/10/2012  The day had almost expired as the mighty sun was partially engulfed by  Melaka river from our sight. And the boat was half filled when we handed over our ticket for the river cruise. Everyone had jauntily passed the ramp with a smile. Parents with kids in tow, lovers, and friends boarded the boat. […]

St. Augustine Metropolitan Cathedral, Cagayan de Oro City

15:45 26/12/2012 It was a few years back when Summer told me that she’ll tour me around her hometown Cagayan de Oro. But every time we visit her place, unexpected events came up more important than gallivanting the city. Last year, a day after Christmas she brought me to the oldest church in CDO, the St. […]

St. Francis Xavier Church, Malacca

9:40 29/4/2012 A kiss goodbye to bright morning sun in our big window facing the Melaka river, was the last thing we did before exchanging goodbyes to Abang, the very accommodating staff of L’Armada Guest House. Not more than 5 minutes drive after we left our temporary abode we reached the twin spired Gothic church along […]

St. Anthony Church, Kuala Lumpur

09:15 8/4/2012 It was an unusual Sunday morning when the sun had already dominated the sky which reminded us that we woke up late. Another day to be thankful and be glad not because it’s still weekend but it is a special day for Roman Catholics, it’s Easter Sunday. We agreed to experience Easter differently so we […]

St. John Cathedral, Kuala Lumpur

 10:30 3/6/2012 It ‘s been  customary for Filipino Catholics  to attend Sunday Mass wherever  they may go. So we always encountered the question, ” Where do you go to hear the Sunday Mass in KL?” It is a common or hypothetical  question  by new comers or friends who thought that  Malaysia  being Islam dominant country has catholic […]