Genting Trip: Park, Shop, Food and Fogs

10:09 29/9/2012 We overcome our first exhilarating cable car ride (link here) and rewarded by a stunning view of Genting Highlands. Pure bliss for nature lovers upon looking lush green forest of Titiwangsa Mountain range. What surprises us wasn’t the green scenery, but the hotel skyscrapers on top of the hill. Mind you it’s not only one but five major hotels and one of them is 6 star premier hotel, Maxims Club Genting. 

Our day dreaming of staying in this hotel was abruptly interrupted when our gondola cable car halted in Genting Skyway Platform. The cable car staff happily showed us the exit and we followed wherever people goes to. 

It’s time to explore Genting Highlands! The sole reason why we come to “Fun City Above the Cloud” wasn’t for the Outdoor Theme Park, or gambling on their casinos but for the food. Yes, we’ve come that far to avail that Lunch Buffet in Coffee Terrace even we can have for less in KL. 

Since we arrived too early for the 12 Noon lunch, we decided to explore the rest of Resorts World Genting. When we passed by at Genting Hotel we can’t stop our selves staring up in the overheard interior. A sophisticated artful design of Hotels lobby ceiling and elaborate round pillars that support it  was awe-inspiring. It always made an impression every time a guest saw it. Who would have thought of a very intricate ceiling can be found in this hotel.

Then we proceed searching for the Indoor Theme Park and passed through the hotel’s corridor.  Walking in the hallway with it’s futuristic design made it as unforgettable experience. 

The long escalator going to the Indoor Theme Park intensifies our hunger pang. We stride faster going down looking something to munch. Albeit we’re kinda well acquainted from all sorts of Malaysia sign boards but still we got lost. Good thing we bump to this board that lead us to the Indoor Theme Park.


We opted the  lunch buffet over to Outdoor theme park when we purchased the bundle ticket. We visited Indoor Theme Park since it’s free and it’s the closest thing we got to visit the famous landmarks in the world.

Indoor Theme Park had lots of Restaurants, Cinemas, and retail outlets. Expect to burn some cash here and be mindful of the items sold here. Since most were mostly marked up compared to ones sold in KL. 

The golden color statue is undeniably patterned to that of Oscars. The red carpet was also laid down, in case someone who feels like a Holywood star.

From West coast  to East coast, The Statue of Liberty is indeed astonishing even though it’s only a replica. We hoped we’ll see the genuine if given the opportunity and have enough funds to travel the US.

The Eiffel Tower replica in Genting had relived our dream to visit the City of Love. We could hear the French serenading while having our cups of coffee looking the magnificent tower. Whew,  someday that dream will be fulfilled, fingers crossing.

Never crossed to our mind that we’ll visit London in Genting until we saw Big Ben. If were not inside in this theme park, we would believe we saw the actual one. Looking all the replicas this one is the most fascinating. 


Aside from theme parks, shopping in Genting is also fun to do. They have retail shops and specialized stores which caters mostly visitors and tourist needs.


As mention this is the sole reason why we travel up to Genting Highlands in Pahang. A gastronomic adventure up in the clouds. Prior going to lunch buffet we had a pre-snack in Star Bucks to break our craving. The Lunch Buffet at Coffee Terrace was our main agenda visiting Genting.

When the clock ticks at 12 Noon, we hurriedly went to the restaurant and queued just like the other patron of this Buffet Restaurant. It was a sumptuous meal that any regular folks like us had wish for. They served a wide array of food selection, from Baba-Nyonya, Malay, Indian, Japanese, Middle Eastern and Western. All we could mutter was burp, a sigh of stomach fulfillment.


The cold weather in Genting Highlands complemented by fogs made our gastronomic cloud experience to euphoric state. So a coffee in alfresco is perfect match while watching the fogs concealing the hotels.

And we keep watching the fogs and even chase them  until we felt bloated by cold air. So we decided to call it for a day since it’s also  time to leave for our schedule return trip bus to KL. 

We knew our adventure doesn’t end there and we’ll surely go back here maybe for the extreme rides in Outdoor Theme Park or sit for another gluttony feast. 

Highland Adventurer,

Sky and Summer

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