Travel Essentials: Sunglasses

Everyone has its preference what to bring and what’s not when it comes to travel. Music player, handy camera, books, and glasses.  One that we can’t leave without during travel is glasses. We’re not talking of prescription glasses but those funky and stylish eyewear that protects your retina from harsh elements. So what’s an appropriate sunglasses? To be honest, this is subjective to ones taste and purpose. We love to bring appropriate sunnies depending on our travel activities and destination.


Beach bumming at Koh Lipe


As beach lovers we love to wear retro square type similar to that of Ray Ban wayfarer. You can never go wrong with this box type classic sunnies as this is a go-to for every face shape and size. Getting this pair of glasses can easily bought on local eyewear shops. But for people who’s on the go and to busy with their mundane life, online shopping is their best friend. Recently we discovered  and got hook up with wider selection of Sunglasses and Designer Eyeglasses. Its like Zalora but instead focuses on Eyewear. They had been selling glasses online since 2006 and known for respected seller.

Online Shopping  and Buying Glasses

Navigating the website is easy and you can set a filter,  choose the brand, and customize. You can pick from their top seller, hot deals, special feature and recommendations. We check their designer glasses and we’re astounded with the array of selection. Here is the link

We’re completely enamored to 4 pairs of designer eyeglasses and shortlisted them. After some consideration we narrowed down our choice with one pair each of  Giorgio Armani and Michael Kors glasses . Only took within a week (normally 5-11 working days) and got our designer glasses including their genuine boxes and  leather case. See the photos below.


Smartbuyglasses guarantees 100% authenticity of their designer glasses. They have return policy and offers warranty. The best thing about buying through them is the price.  They have great deals and bit cheaper compare to physical retail shops.

We’re excited to wear them for our upcoming travel this June. Definitely will update this post.


Do we recommend them? YES, get your glasses need with them.



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