09:00 02/05/2015 We get up from bed just when the sun rays slid through from a tiny hole on our chalet. Then hastily prep our stuff for a whole day island tour activity. Lagu beach towel, sun spray, swim wears, pair of sunnies, bit of cash, book, cameras were all […]

Koh Lipe Trip: Island Tour A

Travelling is not all about experiencing glitzy hotels, loosening up to extreme adventures, taking unlimited selfies and cam whoring with your go pro. Every seasoned travelers will surely nod that travels are not all happy endings and kicking Voldemort’s ass. When you run out of luck mishaps, tribulation, and blunders […]

Travel Mishap: Lock Up Abroad Phuket

11:30 24/01/2016 We’d been to Melaka on numerous occasions. Each time we visit this heritage city, it never failed us to offer something new to satiate our palate. We ticked quite a number of the famous food must try’s here. From cendol, Satay Celup, Ikan Bakar, Baba Nyonya Laksa, Chicken […]

Melaka Local Foodie Trail

14:30 30/04/2015 Gawking at the verdant and cerulean colors of the picturesque shoreline of Koh Lipe. It is surreal. The vivid photos of Green View Beach Resort we’d admired on the Agoda listing didn’t lie. It’s one of the handsome beachfront we sighted. Our eyes were glued on the view and […]

Temporary Abode: Green View Beach Resort, Koh Lipe Thailand

13:45 21/02/2016 It’s been a while since we savored an authentic Thai delicious street food at Koh Lipe. We’d been spoiled of freshest, Som Tam,  Pad Thai, Grilled Pork on skewers, Tom Yum and the list goes on. Though we’re cooking Thai meals at home. It was never as good […]

Absolute Thai Street Food, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

04:00 02/05/2014 Bagan had lured global tourists enamored to its centuries old thousand temples spread along the red plains. The spike of visitor enables their tourism related business to thrive. But despite of tourists boon, we noticed the missed opportunity of catering the average spenders. It limits our search to a […]

Temporary Abode: Aung Mingalar Hotel, Bagan Myanmar

  Brunei is known as the wealthiest among the Southeast Asian nation. Blessed with abundant resources of natural gas and oil for a small country that made them as the 5th richest in the world. They’re equal to Singapore Dollar value and the same league as developed country. Despite being […]

Brunei in a nutshell

11:30 05/04/2014 The fifty kilometers travel from Magelang to Yogyakarta was achieved in less than an hour. Our guide Edho willingly demonstrated his Vin Diesel skills. He was adept in maneuvering the SUV and traverse the less taken road going to Prambanan. The narrow road, rice paddies, and salak (snake fruit) […]

Yogyakarta Trip: Prambanan Temple

The rapid urban development in Malacca is wholly undeniable. The once quaint town we had admired had slowly picked up the fast pace of urbanized city like KL. Now, quite a number of hotels had sprouted, that means more choices for tourists.  The Explorer Hotel is one of the many […]

Review: The Explorer Hotel, Melaka Malaysia

A lot of people avoid traveling during the festive season like Chinese New Year. It translates crowd airport, jam packed transportation hubs and the list goes on. It maybe a hurdle to overcome. But for a foreigner, it means holiday, an opportunity to break that monotonous corporate gig. This celebration is observed by […]

5 interesting places in Penang to visit during Chinese ...

Koh Lipe conceals a getaway beach that seems everyone is searching upon. It is facing Koh Adang and situated at the northeastern part of the island. Going here requires some amount of energy, ascending to the hill and descending via Mountain resort before you’ll earn Karma. The boomerang shape sandbar, waving […]

10 Photos to prove, Karma is a beach

Ecstatic! nay shall say static. Both words describe our 2015. Our momentum had ebb. Yes, we slow down a bit on travel blame it to Ringgit decline and to financial commitments. We put on our thinking cap to sort things out and align priorities on top. This doesn’t mean raising […]

2015 Fim de ano

10:00 01/02/2015  The good numbers of a hotel to choose at Kuching made us over overwhelmed. Budget, guesthouse, to a luxurious brand are there. But we narrowed down our search to hotels which are close to downtown and waterfront. It seems Tune won us over again.  The experience was quite consistent as […]

Temporary Abode: Tune Hotels Waterfront Kuching Sarawak, Malaysia

15:00 30/04/2015 “You won’t get lost in here, all roads lead to the walking street”  we heard from a Caucasian guy who chatted the newcomers on the island. Well, there is a truth with that phrase. As literally walking street is the epicenter and hodgepodge of Lipe island. The whole strip […]

Koh Lipe Trip: Walking Street and Lipe at Night

15:00 10/11/2015 Airbnb? Yeah a property owner will rent out their space either as a whole unit or just a room in the airbnb platform. That’s how I understand its concept. It was more like of a couchsurfing that comes with a fee. But actually it was more than that. Staying on a […]

Airbnb Cebu – The First Time

07:50 02/05/2014 Why are these guys wearing long colorful skirts? The first question ran to our mind after been greeted with sweet Mingalabar upon our exit at Yangon airport. The cab driver wears the same attire like everyone else. Along the way we saw Burmese young and old, women but […]

Doning Longyi like a Burmese

18:30 05/12/2015 Sri Petaling earned the reputation as the foodie haven in Klang Valley. We heard so much by word of mouth about restaurants and coffee shops which has good reviews. Since we stayed at H Boutique Hotel situated in this area.  The hotel staff  recommended to drop by at Byhalf […]

Byhalf Cafe, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

14:00 05/12/2015 Where can you find all the famous Malaysian cuisine in one place? A common question was thrown to us whenever a friend passes by in KL. Without batting an eye, we say Jalan Alor. But all had changed now when we discover Ten Years restaurant, located in the […]

Ten Years, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

A modern concept boutique hotel enchanted with classic charm. That’s how we define H Boutique Hotel upon our stay. It leaves an impression of euphoria, satisfaction, and ease. This is no coincidence, as this hotel envision the word H as happiness, hope, and home. A total commitment to every guest. Thus […]

Review: H Boutique Hotel, Sri Petaling Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

Travels Snaps: Features our best photos of iconic places that we visit during our previous travel. It’s a recollection of unforgettable snaps and story behind it. Mendut temple is a typical example of Mahayana Buddhist temple founded in the reign of King Indra during the . Syailendra dynasty.  You can’t missed […]

Travel Snaps: Mendut Temple, Magelang Indonesia